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As this is a multimedia phone, Verizon data plans are optional with the Touch. Battery life is fair for these phones in general. One of ours would sometimes turn itself off multiple times during the day. It was a good purchase I really like the phone but for the battery life I have to charge it every day, while with my other LG Octane phone I could go a full 2 to 3 days without charging it depending on how much I used it. The front of this cell phone can be flipped to a reveal a four-line QWERTY keyboard to send text messages, emails, and more. Thanks for the review! I love the internal screen for games also.

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Easy to operate, fairly reliable, and we have it set with data blocked, since it is not really useful for any data purpose, and we lg vx1100 want that feature anyway.

It’s fine as a standard cell phone battery though. See all 20 pre-owned listings.

HTC smartphone, LG VX pass through FCC – CNET

Overall I am very happy with the phone, I have had it for lg vx1100 a year and a half and will not be getting rid of it any time soon, Battery Life When the phone was new the battery could last a week, as time went on it got shorter and shorter, now almost 3 years later i have to charge it almost every night. Not many if any phones that I am familiar with have something like that where you can see a list of all documents visited from websites.

The best iPhone to buy in Lg vx1100 someone who uses this phone for calls daily, and Internet access a few lg vx1100 a week, Lg vx1100 would recommend the phone for that use, but you might want something with a heftier battery if Internet access is a bigger priority for you.

The QWERTY keyboard retained a similar size to the original Voyager’s but its layout lg vx1100 altered slightly to move the space lg vx1100 to the middle of the keyboard, unlike previous enV devices which had the key on the both sides of the layout.

EnV Touches constantly break. New York Sold by: See all my reviews. Voice quality seems to be great both on my end and on the end of the person I am talking to.

Quantity- 1 Lg vx1100 battery. Related phones PhoneArena rating:. Features lg vx1100 edit ] The enV Touch has a larger external touch screen and internal screen display than its predecessor, the Voyager, as well as a camera with a newer 3.

Most Liked Negative Review. It still had all of the information on it, like contacts, pictures, etc.

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The alarm clock is so easy to use, as is the calendar which you can sync to your computer via the USB cable that is also the charger. I just wish the battery were my favorite lg vx1100 well. See details lg vx1100 full description.

Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Lg vx1100. Imagine enjoying the touch screen and then you open the phone to type and the screen you are then using is NOT touch-sensitive.

Samsung Rogue U Review

Share pictures and other media with your friends or use a wireless Bluetooth headset for your calls lg vx1100 music. Unless you are need of a paper weight, even the most advanced phone is useless without power. Bought this for my 16 year old, he was lg vx1100 pleased with the battery life which is lg vx1100 a day with frequent use texting.

Really good operating system for a basic phone. A little small for games, but there is Tetris sample preloaded. The QWERTY board is laid out slightly different than the keyboard on the enV1, however I was able to adapt after a lg vx1100 weeks and now am back to texting without looking at the keys. It’s thin and can easily fit into a pocket, I was very pleased with the way it looked.

HTC smartphone, LG VX1100 pass through FCC

However, I do not like touch sensitive touch screens so for me- this was not the best. For a basic phone, the voice quality is plenty good. We typically pair via Bluetooth to a wirel ess speaker in the car. They did have screen protectors though I choose the “Touch” Thank you all lg vx1100 the help lg vx1100 making this decision. See all 3 auction listings.