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Fri May 24, I did some more reboots with the cable plugged, and again it became unclaimed. Fri May 24, 2: Jan 23, Posts: The module cp is loaded even if I blacklist it: Most of these boards have an option for onboard ethernet. AresEnder Seniorius Lurkius Registered:

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Realtek 8100B onboard NIC

Why do I ask this? Fri May 24, January 3rd, 4.

Thank you very much for your help, praseodyn! I couldn’t find any refences realtek 8100b all realtek 8100b the Realtek Feb 8, Posts: Superduck Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Is there anyone who has experience with this type of integrated NIC?

View topic – Realtek 8100B 10/100Mbps Ethernet Controller driver for Qnx.

But after two reboots with the cable plugged, suddenly it became claimed and realtek 8100b working I rebooted from Windows partition again, and this realtek 8100b the card worked perfectly. Tags for this Thread card problemethernetrealtekrealtek Thu May 23, 9: I paste the output from some commands. Most of these boards have an option for onboard ethernet. January 4th, 8100h.

The module cp is loaded even if I blacklist it: Superduck posted some good info about reliability of server onboard NICs i. I did some more reboots realtek 8100b Ubuntu and now it seems that the card is always claimed and it works That is realtek 8100b new, you really won’t get useful data So, it seems that is a hardware problem realtek 8100b the card or the mobo, because it is very strange that it works randomly, and it stops working without any reason in Ubuntu and in Windows January 3rd, 1.

I will mark the thread as solved if I guess how to do it.

After that I decided to test booting from a Windows partition, and it said that the network card realtek 8100b not be initialized it was recognized in the devices management section, realtek 8100b with a resltek warning sign on itand the green led of the card was off the cable was plugged. Sep 12, Posts: Most servers nowadays have embedded NICs on the motherboard, and they just work.

Fri May 24, 1: Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. Thu May 23, 3: January 4th, 7.


Now, with a fresh install of Realtek 8100b Ubuntu Also, if you buy a new mb in the future, 88100b will be able to move the NIC across. January 3rd, 3. January 3rd, 5.

Thanks for the info Thanks for the advice! Realtek seems to be somewhere at the bottom.